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I accidently put in 2 shallow frames in a medium super. So when I robbed the bees over the weekend, I had a bit of a surprise on the bottom of the frames.
So I have decided to cut up the frames (so I don't make that mistake again) and make chunk honey. Does anyone have any experience in entering their honey in county fairs?
How is chunk honey judged?
How much do I put in a jar. The fair book just specifies the jar size - 1 lb queenline. I do not want to embarrass myself!:scratch:


Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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Honey judging, other than a black jar contest, is pretty much about irrelevant trivia. You have to ruin the flavor and enzymes in the honey to meet their criteria... it would not be difficult to "embarrass" yourself...

"Chunk Honey
Class H10, MAX. POINTS
1. Neatness and uniformity of cut 20 (Upgrade for parallel & 4-sided cuts; downgrade for ragged edges)
2. Absence of watery cappings, uncapped cells and pollen 20
3. Cleanliness of product 20 (Down-grade for travel stains, foreign matter, wax, foam or crystallization)
4. Uniformity of appearance in capping structure, color, thickness of chunks and accuracy and uniformity of fill 20
5. Density and flavor of liquid portion of pack 20
(Points will be reduced for honey flavor adversely affected by processing and entries will be disqualified for fermentation
or > 18.6% moisture content of liquid portion)"

Other links: Honey Judging and Standards.pdf

"Judging: Honey Exhibits (Subcategory: Chunk Honey)
Chunk honey is a unique type of honey which is prized by many people throughout the world. It is simply cut comb honey put into a jar and the jar filled with extracted liquid honey. Three
quart jars are required for exhibition. It is usually best to use a lighter class of honey for this in
order to be able to see the comb honey better but it is not required.

"In judging this class of honey some criteria for liquid honey and some from comb honey are incorporated. The first criteria is neatness of cut of the comb honey. It takes a very sharp knife and much care in cutting comb without destroying parts of it in the process. Is the comb honey perfectly square and are they sharp cuts not having ragged edges? There are 20 points given for neatness of cut. Again, if the judge sees any watery cappings or unfilled cells in the comb honey, he will deduct points. Just as in the comb honey subcategory the absence of watery cappings and unfilled cells is essential in a good quality chunk honey exhibit. For this reason the judge will give a maximum of 20 points for this criteria. The next criteria for judging is cleanliness. This means there should be no travel stains on the comb honey and no wax, bubbles, wax, crystals or other particles in the liquid honey. 20 points is awarded for perfect cleanliness. Just as for comb honey, the cut comb used in chunk honey must have uniformity of appearance. The comb must not be filled more on one side than the other and the cappings must all be the same. The judge will give 30 points for a perfectly uniform piece of comb honey. Using the refractometer, the judge will check the density or water content of the honey and determine that it contains less than 18.6% water. Then he will taste the honey and determine if there are any objectionable flavors in the honey such as a burnt or other non-natural taste. He will then give 10 points for the liquid honey in chunk honey that has the correct density and flavor."

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Take a. Photo of your gins product for us all to see!

Sounds like a lot of work to make it look nice...seems more points are given for looks than taste!

Good luck.
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