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Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus

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CHRONIC PARALYSIS VIRUS (CPV) An airborne pathogen [Ref 16, p67] isolated by Bailey et al. (1963) - One of the first viruses to be isolated. Symptoms are very similar to those of colonies suffering from tracheal mites and may have been the cause of the Isle of Wight disease outbreak in the 1920s. Many symptoms are similar to those of Nosema, amoeba, or presence of tracheal mites. CPV has 2 forms:
Type I syndrome is recognized by trembling bees that crawl on ground w/ dislocated wings (K-wings) and swollen abdomens; associated w/ dysentery, mite infestation, and other diseases. Type II is called Hairless Black Syndrome because bees lose their hair (caused by bees pulling at the hairs of diseased bee appear shiny black or greasy, and can’t fly but tremble and crawl about. Inbred bee races are susceptible to CPV [Ref 15, p136]. Requeening is the standard cure [ABJ, 7/04, p527]. CPV can also produce disease symptoms in bees not infested w/ Varroa
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