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A month ago a couple hives here in mid-MD starting exhibiting what appears to be symptoms of chronic bee paralysis virus. Have yet to do mite count, but hives treated with Apivar in July then OAV at Thanksgiving and OAV again mid-Jan. Two side-by-site colonies affected. Think it is CBPV? Twitching, dead bees on ground. Any cure or should I destroy colonies. If the later, can you suggest a I could give the comb in order to reuse? Grrr. Here is a short video.”

So did you find pile of dead bees in front of the entrance? Two kinds of CBPV. 3 hives had it 2 years ago, those three were good honey producers, never saw the dead bees again. If you look at the NationalHoney Show Video good talk on that and other diseases.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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