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I'll reiterate this question under the "plants" category, in the off-chance somebody may've missed it and could provide some feedback ....

"I have the feeling nobody outside Asia'll know this, but here goes anyhow ...

I'm rooting a batch of chinaberry twigs (not even sure that species can respond to rooting hormone, and yeah - I know the tree is considered invasive and a total pest, in general) here in eastern NC and wondered if their blooms can supply bees with "the goods".

We had a c'berry tree when I was a kid, but I wasn't pollinator-oriented then, and don't even recall seeing flowers on the trees; I've read, though, that the tree does indeed have blooms.

I wouldn't mind having a c'berry if only for use with the bugs.

Anybody -- anybody - out there with any experience with this obscure topic? "

A responder stated she never saw bees around chinaberry blooms in Alabama. Any other experiences??

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