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Chilled Brood, mite problem or both?

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Did a walk away split three weeks ago during some lovely weather. The queen went with the "new" hive. Checked on them today and have a couple of concerns. Examined all frames closely and noticed two bees with deformed wings ( yikes), also a frame containing about 50 capped bood on the outermost of the brood nest had at least a dozen bees that had died while trying to emerge. Some had tongues sticking out, all looked pretty well formed, no sunken caps, odor ect... The other wrinkle is the temps got down to a completely unexpected 4 below freezing 4 nights ago.
my questions are these:
1) are the deformed wings and the death of the pupae realted?
2) do I have 2 problems going on here DWV and chilled brood?
3) are 2 bees with deformed wings a sign that the whole colony is in trouble?

This split was from a very strong hive going into the winter. It was treated last fall for mites, AFB and nosema. I am trying to use IPM and less chemicals going forward and have installed screened bottm boards and did hive reversals and splits this spring. Queen looks like she is laying well and has a nice brood pattern. I know others have posted similar threads but none seemed to have both my issues. Thanks so much in advance for any insight. ps I've only been at this a couple of years.

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Ontario, screened bottom board in early May? chilled brood is my guess. what is with these screened bottom boards anyway? Never seen one, more likely to try to insulate the hive than to ventilate it in May.
The internet is getting regions of the country with totally different methods of beekeeping all mixed together like it is all the same :no:
I appreciate your input. I know I have much to learn and am always open to others suggestions and advice. Thanks.:)

I'm also in Ontario and use a screened bottom on 1 of my 3 hives. They have traditionally been my strongest hive and I haven't had any problems with it in terms of chilled brood.

In fact it is actually my second hive that is exhibiting exactly the same elements you are talking about....deformed wings, a lot of chilled brood/debris at the landing pad/a very large number of dying bees near the hive that sometimes drop right off the hive and many with their tongues sticking out.

I don't know if you've found anything out but I have heard that DWV can be transmitted at all stages of growth so it's possible that you only have the one issue.

I believe for my hive they had chilled brood as well (or a mild chaulkbrood) - neither of which I can help them with much. I will be trying to deal with whatever varroa may be present since they are carriers for the DWV but I haven't found out much else about the disease or cures.

I'll be checking with the local bee inspector as well just for kicks.
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