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I've been away for a few weeks, look what I've missed! A compendium on nectar mngt. Specifically, "Checkerboarding". Wow, what a battle that almost was. The thread is up to 12 pages.

Found other timely and useful topics as "Essential Oils for Mite Control", and "CHANGING TO RUSSIAN!! maybe??????"

Thanks to M. Bush, Tecumseh, M. Palmer, et. al. for your continued interest in Beesource, and in these interesting discussions. I'm linking the Checkerboard discussion for our beekeeper's club viewing.

Walt, thanks for sharing what you've found works for you. The deal breaker in my getting into beekeeping was probably your series of articles in the POV section. Basically, by telling everyone that there are other methods to accomplish the same thing.

Thanks to Dennis for translating Walt!

Burbank, Wa.
3rd year beekeeper, bottle fed via Currently V.P./publicist of Mid-Columbia Beekeeper's Association.
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