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Finished up today doing a detail inspection of my 7 hives at home.

Many of the last 5 had SHBs but not a lot. So that's something to build on. Everyone of the bottom boxes were empty brood comb. The brood was in the 2nd box. So I reversed the bottom 2 boxes so that the queen will have plenty of room to move up.

Most of the boxes with the brood/queen also had a lot of capped honey/nectar/pollen. I guess you could say they were honeybound. So I am hoping that the queen will move up. In 1 or 2 of the bottom boxes were some frames with almost 100% capped honey. Those that had a 3rd box had most frames filled with capped honey. Anywhere from 45% to 100% capped honey.

I need to add new box with comb above most of the hives. I am hoping that the girls will move up some of the excess honey from the 2nd box to the new third box.

It was really great to see the queens and even when I didn't see the queen, it was reassuring to see brood, larva, and especially eggs!!! (Note: I use the term brood to specify capped cells.)

I hope this will help these seven hives to not go into swarm mode.
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