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Check your old work Jeans for Holes!

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Especially in the Front, You know where :D

I'm sure it was quite the show, me doing the funky chicken dance with a bee in my britches!

but I didn't get stung!
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LOL! I had an "event" similar recently. I went to visit the girls, and low and behold, a bee got stuck in my hair. Last time I got stung on the head, I looked like Charlie Brown for 4 days. So here I am, running through the yard, flopping my hair to free the bee (I'm a female with shoulder length hair)....and I run into a huge spider web...right across my face! I love my bees, but I HATE spiders! So here I am, trying to get a bee out of my hair, AND remove a strong golden orb spider web from my face! I am 1000% positive if somebody caught it all on video, we could have won that funniest video show! I am still hoping nobody saw.... :pinch: Glad you kept the family jewels in operation... ;)
Happened to me on Sat. Remarkably happy to get stung on the thigh.
Not happened to me with bees, but as a boy my brother and I were cleaning the room that had oats in them.
Mice ran up our pant legs,,needless to say 8 year and 10 lost our pants fast.
All's well that ends well!

I have a few pair of jeans that I use for working outdoors. Over time, they have developed holes in the knees. If I decide it's time to work the hives, I just wrap painter's tape or duct tape around my leg a couple of times, and that seems to work.
i had on my old jeans with large rips in both thighs saturday when i was working in the yard. when i got done i decided to check on the girls. got one sting on the thigh.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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