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We had a good discussion this summer on how best, easiest and cheapest way to keep crawling things out of your hive.

I tried several and either they did not work or did not work for very long. ie first heavy rain for the leg pans with oil.

I found a way to use 1/2 rope wrapped around the stand legs that is still working as well as when I did it in July.

I can post a picture or two if needed but I took some 1/2 rope, cut it to length needed to go around my stands legs and number of pieces needed then soaked them in an old qt of new motor oil (mineral oil might work better?) then drained the oil and milked it to get the extra oil out of the rope. With the rope ends taped or burnt to stop raveling before hand. I put a nail thru one end of the rope up high on the leg and pulled it tight I made two wraps plus around the leg then keeping it tight I placed another nail thru the tailing end. Once I place the rope on all legs I took some bearing grease and wiped the rope down with the grease getting it into all the cracks.

I tried greasing the rope first and it does a better job but it is messy. Either way works and I placed mine couple of inches below the top cross bar to keep the rain spatter away.

I looked at them and still works and looks as good as the day I did it. I would get a px but this is day two in Houston of rain and 40 degree temps.

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