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Changing out supers

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I want to change out supers to repaint and repair those that are in need of some TLC, I wanted to know if this would create an issue and how one would go about performing this. Thank you much!
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No issue at all. Just move them frame by frame, and make the switch. I just did this yesterday with a super about 50% capped honey and the rest full of nectar being worked. Due to the weight of it, I had the new super next to me...moved 6 frames, removed the super being replaced, put the new super on, then added the remaining 4 frames. I don't think the bees even noticed.... Just work gently, and have your game plan set so the transition is minimal.
Thank you very much for the quick response, I think I'll wait until it warms a little more, the temperature here in New York is still a little brisk.
I have the same question, but with deeps. I made my deeps using rabbet joints with tight bond glue and staples, they are starting to separate and I need to repair them before they get to bad. Can I switch them out the same way.
Certainly, but not the "same" way, since they aren't the same, but similarly. If occupied, they weigh more than medium frames.
Colby828- did you use 1/4" crown staples? I bought some new ones that a guy made with 1/4" and I worry mine will do the same thing yours are doing.
1 1/4 or 2inch crown staples with glue and they should stay just fine.

Colby yes, you can do deeps the same way move each frame over one at a time keeping them in the same position they were in on the original box. I had to switch out all of my boxes this year. I made most of my boxes with cleats on the side for handles. But, this year I started using 4way pallets so I had to switch all of the boxes so I could take off the cleats on the side and repaint the boxes. Oh what a pain that was.
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