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Cell Builder Swarming

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I am using a cloake board between 2 deep boxes on a strong hive. I am on my third round of grafting. It has worked great so far. Till now.

Yesterday they threw a big swarm into an oak in front of the hive. We caught it and put in deep box. As soon as we got it on ground they left the box and went back into the cell builder hive.

I went through it later yesterday and pulled out a five frame split of capped brood. I started cells last thursday and they are now capped. I cut about 10 rogue queen cells off 2 frames of open brood. I also added medium super.

The problem I see is they still have my 20 Q cells in there and may go ahead and swarm. If I move these cells to another colony I just move my problem.
For a cell finisher you want a strong Queen right colony which is why a colony swarms.

How do Ya'll keep your finisher colonies from swarming?

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You have to work the cell builder weekly.

Most of us move the capped brood up into the grafting super and move empty combs down for the queen to lay new brood for the next time you graft.
Look for rogue queen cells every time you work the hive.
Having the cell builders headed by a fall queen helps to prevent swarming.
Good Luck,
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