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Caught a swarm! Need advice!

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I caught a large swarm this morning. I shook them into a 10 frame deep. Almost all the Bees are in the Hive except all the bees that are doing what look like orientation flights around the hive.

Should I wait for evening to pick them up and move them when most of the Bees will be in the hive? Or does it not matter if the hundred or so flighers get left behind?

And I assume I should feed them when I get them in their final spot?
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By now you've decided whether to move them or wait. What I'll add to what B Reeves said is feed them. I always feed and feed as long as they'll take the feed and build comb. Swarms are in a comb building mood, and I like to get all my colonies built up into two deep brood boxes asap. Then there's a chance I can get honey off them in the honey flow. But that's just my opinion.
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