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I just wanted to give my experience on catching a swarm in one of those flower pot type traps. I put a trap at a friends house. Last year I saw a bunch of bees working a Yellow Rain Tree. I put the trap up a month ago, I checked it every week. Six days after checking it I found a large amount of bees going an coming from the trap. I was very excited, I waited until dark screened over the entrance and moved it home. Heres where things didn't go as planned, the hive was full of comb and nectar. It fell to the bottom on the way home what a mess it was! There was no capped brood but, there was a lot of eggs! I could not find the queen so I put as much comb as I could into an empty frame and dumped the bees on top. I left them a lone for a few days.

Well today I checked them out. I got lucky I have the queen in the hive and she is laying up a storm and the bees are still drawing out comb like crazy.

Heres the moral of the story. It would of been so much easier just to use a small nuc box as a trap inbstead. Then I could of just taken the bees home without even really disturbing them. That is what I learned from the whole experience. Just thought I would pass it on.
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