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Fun to read the comments of people in here.

Bees are just very interesting to study and hear about.

So, if this person caught a swarm as late as September, does that mean you can catch swarms all year round?
And how do you go around putting out swarm traps without getting sued or accused of trespassing? Do you only go to government land, and would you need permission? Or do you just go to friends and ask to put a trap up?

If you winter the hive in your house basement, how do you keep the other humans from mutinying on that? (NOBODY asks this, I swear! :p)

And regarding comments above, I hear people saying both you need 10 lbs of honey, and some say 40 lbs to get through winter (maybe that's based on if they are active or slow down in winter?)...but if that's true...the guy saying you can just give them sugar cubes, is there a ratio of how many sugar cubes you translate to x lbs honey? And are you serious that you could get a hive through winter, only on sugar cubes? (I'm interested in this as a survival skill level up, not to rob the bees or make them unhealthy. Thanks.)
41 - 41 of 41 Posts