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Caucasian Honey longer in the States?

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Caucasian Honey Bees, what happened to this race of bees in the States? Does anyone still sell any???

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According to info I have...

Farris Homan & Sons
Shannon, MS
662-767-3960 day 3750 eve

Homan - McMasters
Shannon, MS

Never dealt with either so have no other info. By the names they look related.


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I too have been looking around for this bee. (or trait)

I found a few places selling queens and that's it.

For packages, I found one place selling them for the 2012 season, although freakishly expensive...

They want $100 for a 3# package. Shipping charge for packages not listed however considering they charge $16.65 to ship a $40 queen I would imagine a package total cost would be around $150


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