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Carpenter Bee Holocaust!

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I've been watching over the past week as carpenter bees force their way into my hive. I have the entrance reducer in, set to the larger opening, though backed off a little from the entrance. Also a cork hole in the middle box.

Today I decided to go try to do something about it. I have no idea where their colony was, but I have been seeing them crawling on the ivy in front of my girls' hive, so that's where I started. Stomped about 10 there, then covered the area in a couple hundred pounds of sand. Then I set up shop sitting on a cinderblock next to the hive entrance with my pocket knife and killed them as they crawled up the front. Probably another 20 before I had to go.

Everything I have read tells me Carpenter bees are a small colony species, but that was a higher body count than I was expecting. Last year, there were absolutely none. None that I saw anyway.

Any ideas about how to trap or kill more? Can't find the nest, unless its in the old mulch I poured the sand on. And obviously proximity to my girls would rule out pesticide.
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I had one fly REALLY CLOSE(bumble bee) to my hive while doing an inspection and WHAM, the girls were after it like stink on.......I have seen them kill them on the landing boards and long before the landing boards....always bumble bees though, never carpenter bees....
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