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carpenter ants in the hive

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My problem hive I inherited.....I made a stand with legs for it because I saw carpenter ants going in.

But even after that, and my legs with "moat", I was still seeing ants.

Today, I popped off the top, and there were A LOT of ants. This is a hive that is going to be a big project to completely break down. I'm going to have to use the "guillotine" method that Michael Bush suggested.

Anyway, I think I finally figured out that the ants are living in the migratory top. So the top went into a garbage bag which went into the freezer.

I don't have another top, so I had to rig something up. I knew that broken drawer would come in handy some day. And that second super is so rotten that the robber screen is useless. I probably need to take it off anyway.

This hive is like my foster child that I am trying to make into a responsible citizen.

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ant moats don't work with tree limbs toutching the hive!:no::lookout:
Yes, I've pruned that back, but not far enough. The ants actually had a nest in the migratory top. They were agitated and actually carrying the larva.

Shoot, if this were an observation hive, you could get ants and bees for the price of one!

Carpenter ants will eat insects, so a hive full of eggs and larvae is paradise for them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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