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Carniolan Queens

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Do Italian bees accepted Carniolan queens good or is it difficult like Russian queens being accepted by Italian bees.
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I've personally never had a problem getting a Carniolan accepted by an Italian colony. When I say that, I mean a standard introduction using a plugged queen cage. The only queen introduction I've ever had a problem with was introducing a queen into a laying worker hive. I went through two Carniolan queens before the third one was accepted and that was even adding green brood to the colony. I strongly believe that it had nothing to do with the race of the introduced queen but rather, that I was working with a laying worker situation.
Ditto. I haven't found that race is much of a factor at all (requeened several I's to C's), but rather requeening technique. That said, my requeening technique is far from foolproof... I just don't think it's racial.
I've never had trouble introducing Carnis to Italians or visa versa or any other race except Russians.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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