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Carniolan Queen for Italian or Russian Colony?

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Can I put a Carniolan Queen in an Italian or Russian Hive?
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Sure you can only if they are willing to accept her. I don't have much success with introducing her into an
Italian (picky bees) worker hive. They balled her killing 2 good queens. Then when I intro. an Italian queen they
quickly happily accepted her.
Then I did the reverse the Carni workers not like Italian queen in their hive either. It must been the method that I
was using. Now I am thinking to use all nurse bees to make up 3 frames nuc hive to introduce new queen in. The young
nurse bees are willing to accept her. A moderate weaker hive will be happy to accept any queen I think. Some recommend
using a push in wire cage to house the queen on the frame temporarily.

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Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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