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Carniolan in North Carolina

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Hello all,

I'm new to the site and had two questions that I was hoping to get some educated answers to. My family started Beekeeping months ago, needless to say I myself have gotten attached! If this post belongs in another area of the forum I apologize.

I plan on using Carniolan next spring (3 Colonies), I've heard that these are good bees all around and swarming seems to be the only problem. I understand queen cells at the bottom of the Frame indicate a soon to come Swarm, and removal of these will take care of the problem along with adding another tier. Am I wise to start with Carniolan or should I go with another subspecies.

For anybody living in 6 Bravo climate area, what am I to really look for as far as diseases. I REALLY don't want to use treatments and chemicals for my Bees but is it Inevitable for my area? (Sparta, North Carolina).

Thank you all so much for your time, this forum looks awesome!

- Lex
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Swarming is not a problem. Swarming is something the colony does to reproduce.

The problem is bee keepers don't like bees to swarm as it reduces the work force to bring in honey. As a new bee keeper it's your job to learn how to see the signs of an impending swarm and take the correct actions to keep it from happening. You keep your work force.

Read books, look at the info on this forum and join a bee club.

As far as problems, yours will be similar to others even in Canada. Most of us would prefer not to use chemicals. But I used them for the first couple of years and I'm hoping this year I'm far enough along on the learning curve to not use them. I'll find out how I did next spring. I'm in 5b here but the problems we face are similar. Except for the summer and winter climate differences.

Good Luck
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