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Now taking orders for mated queens. The queen lines are from our best preforming colonies that have proven themselves for at least a few years to be good producers, gentle bees, and shown to handle our mood swinging winters here in Ohio. We take about 24 virgins each year from those top preforming colonies and have them instrumentally inseminated. The inseminated queens are run in production colonies for about a year to evaluate their performance. The following year we pick the best from that group of II queens to use as our breeding stock for that year. We saturate the area with as many overwintered colonies as we can to provide the best drones we can for matings. All queens are marked at no additional cost. Queens are mated and laying well before they are marked, caged and shipped.

Carniolans and Italians
1-4 $29
5-9 $27
10+ $25

USPS shipping Priority $8 and express $26. Shipping is for 1-50 queens.

Please email to order or for questions [email protected] (We run 600 to 700 hives please give me a day or two to respond to your emails. I try to make time every evening for emails but life and bee work happens.

Dan Williams
Frankfort, Ohio
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