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capturing a feral hive

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got a question about capturing a feral hive. went to the site - hive in a hollow of a tree. used bee vac, got a bunch. set up a langstroth bees still there but I didn't get the queen, went back, got more bees, still no queen. turns out the hive goes further up into the tree than expected. the owner docent want me to cut the tree up.
Wondering if I made a bee excluder out of screen (a cone of 1/4" screen) and put it over the entrance, then used some kind of "bee Quick" to get the bees out, and set my hive with no queen, right next to the hive if i might have success? any comments or better ideas?
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Consider using a CAPtrap trapout with a short length of opaque hose leading to the box. Video: Use ⅛" screen rather than 1/4" to make the cone. Bees can get through ¼". Good luck.
Seems way too complicated- I suggest setting up a swarm trap in a good location and wait for a swarm to come by. ie. us bee pheromone etc.
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