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Got a call from a buddy who happens to run and own a Pest Control business. He saw my name on the "Swarm Call" list from our local BeeKeepers club. So the wife and I went to the address, and there was a smallish (< 2 lbs) swarm hanging on a Maple Tree branch about 6' off the ground. Easy cut the branch and lower into a deep box. The girls eagerly fanned from the entrance to call in the stragglers. We spent maybe 2 hours there watching and waiting. It looked as though we got all but a couple dozen. Then we're told a roofing company (working on a house across the street) had closed up a lot of the bees inside their utility trailer earlier in the day. Apparently what we had just captured was the queen, and a portion of the swarm.
When we got home (we waited until dark), we pulled the branch out of the box, gave them 7 frames, most of the bees were hanging from the underside of the inner cover. Left the screen on the front entrance but added on a feeder to feed them, and poured a bit of honey into some drawn comb on a frame. The plan is to leave them alone until Sunday, and do a quick inspect, add in the remainder of frames (all this if they don't take off of course) There is a small hole opened so that they may come and go one at a time pretty much to orient themselves with the new surroundings, and get water.

We have the name of the roofing company to call them and ask just how many bees are there in the trailer.

One thing we would have done differently is to have taken our bee vacuum with us to get stragglers off of the rest of the branch.
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