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Capped brood

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I have been trying to figure out when the capped brood i have is going to become new bees, can anyone help me out with that? I have tried to look up lifecyle of bees, i looked at mike site ( btw i need to get my hand on ur book) i cant find anything that says if u have capped brood they will be new bess in X days. then again i might have just not understood it, and if it is simple and was looking at me in my face i am going to feel very sheepish.
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Worker bees emerge at about 21 days from the day the egg is layed. you can tell fairly close by the color of the wax cappings, it gets much darker and older looking when they are close. bees have been tracking propolis and impurities on it for 21 days.
Once the cell is capped the bee will emerge in about 9 days.
The queen usually starts laying in a circle about the center of the frame. Working her way outward. The center bees usually hatch first.
If you pick up a frame that the center has hatched or is hatching then you know the next batch will hatch tomorrow.
This is not set in stone but you get the picture.
Does it matter if it is a packaged hive? the capping look very clean and i know the queen was released on the morning of easter or the night before. I even saw some drone caps at first i thought they where queen cells but i remembered that drone cells and queen cells look somewhat alike but drones are rounder. i have to take a pic and let you guys help me. i would love to see a bee emerge from the cell. thank you wolfer for explaining the reason behind why they are in the center i thought the eggs where going to be on the bottom then some pollen above it then honey.
When they have a frame the way they want it there will be a honey/pollen band coming up the sides and over most of the top. Generally just an inch or two wide.
This depends a lot on where in the box the frame came from and how well they have their nest set up.

If you looked at the hive in 3-D the brood nest would be a roundish ball in the lower center. It would be surrounded by honey on top with honey/pollen on the sides.
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