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capped and static queen cell

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Hi all;

I overwintered a few nucs and was very happy they made it.
This spring though I was busy and one of them (2 nucs tall) got packed and made a few queen cells.

No problem, I thought. I have this neat queen castle I can use, keep my 5 frame nucs free for regular splits, and move things along later.
And I love to get queens from stock that made it through a tough winter.

I had 2 frames with _capped_ queen cells. They were pretty new but a little tan. I put the frame that had one (or more) queen cells with a feeder frame in each of 2 separate sections in the queen castle box.

That was easily 2.5 weeks back. I damaged a couple of the queen cells on one frame when placing the frame, but checking a few days later, the bees had sealed them again. I'd read you could carefully open a capped queen cell to check on it and they would do that.

The bees are doing fine/ seem happy, don't seem stressed or depressed like a failing group does. Are still walking on the queen cells when I check on them. However, its WELL past the time the cells should have emerged.. 9 days at longest once it is capped, right?

If these were dead cells now, I would expect the bees to rip them out. Do they really leave them alone in the circumstances I have created here?

Thank you;
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They don't always tear them down and clean up the mess. I have opened many a queen cells that were gooey yucky messes on the inside. So if it's past day 17 or so (assuming you know for sure the start day) you can start assuming that those cells are bad.
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