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can this be the swarm queen?

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I was at work wednesday and my daughter called me saying my bees were swarming. Believe it or not my wife and kids caught the swarm and placed them in an empty hive. My daughter said she even saw the queen on the blanket part of the swarm was on. I see no way this monster bee should be able to fly or get her abdomen in a cell?? of course she did fly to the swarm luster in my yard but look at the size of this bee. any thoughts?


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That actually looks like a drone to me but the quality of the picture isn't defined enough to say for sure.
Good luck with the new swarm. It looks like it was a decent size swarm.
My teenage daughter took it with her phone, wish the picture was better. I opened the hive the next day and they had already drawn out a nice size piece of comb. I looked at hive this morning and there are many bees coming and going. looks like they are going to stay and that would mean the queen is there ?
They won't stay without the queen.
Good on them for working the swarm. My husband probably would not notice one and if he did he would walk on by:(
I was surprised when they said they were going to try and catch it. My first seen swarm and i was at work. I was so jealous of them. I wish i could have been there.
Last year was my first year as a beekeeper. I had a package swarm less than two months after don't believe anyone that tells you they won't swarm the first year. Anyway, I was at work when it swarmed, and my wife also caught them and hived them for me with no problem. Wish I could have seen it too, but proud of her for caring enough to try and catch it!
Drone for sure. Rounded rear, large head, bulky, blimp like. Sounds like a good swarm catch. Kudos to the family.
Swarms can have multiple queens. Check on them again a week from now. You should see eggs.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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