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Howdy folks. Sorry for the long post.

I grabbed a swarm Saturday afternoon but at first had a heckuva time getting most/all of the bees to head into the deep box awaiting them at the base of the tree. There were two main clusters from the swarm on this particular tree - both on the same branch but about 5' to 6' apart. I started on the biggest cluster first. On my first shake into the deep box, I happened to notice a smallish queen milling around and put her in the deep thinking that would help recruitment of other bees. It helped some and instigated some fanning on the landing board on the next shake. Yahtzee!

I got most of those bees in the deep and then moved onto the second, smaller cluster. They did not want to go into the deep but instead wanted to immediately go back to the cluster on the branch. After about 5 attempts to get them to move into the deep, they finally flew away and landed/clustered on the base of a pine tree about 75' away.

Could there have been 2 queens in there or possibly separate swarms? There was a very active bee tree about 30' away from the main location, so I wonder if there was a primary swarm and then possibly an after swarm?

FWIW I did leave the deep box at the base of the pine tree for a few hours, and when I returned to get it the other cluster had either moved into the box or moved onto greener pastures. Haven't opened the box to find out. Want to let them settle in first.

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