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Can I use queens from cells that never emerged to make swarm lures?

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I grafted recently and some of the queen cells were capped but the queens never emerged. Can I use them for swarm lures, or do they not have the proper pheromones?

Also, does it matter how much alcohol I use or what alcohol percentage rubbing alcohol I use? It looks like one or two ounces is the usual amount of alcohol.
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You can throw them into the alcohol of your queen juice and they won't hurt. They probably won't help much as virgins and unemerged queens do not have much QMP.
I don't actually have any queen juice at the moment. Do you make queen juice just when you have an extra laying queen to sacrifice?
I've never "sacrificed" one for the purpose of making swarm lure, but whenever I am disposing of a queen she goes in the alcohol. Usually it's a hive that was hotter than I am willing to accept or a laying queen I had caged that died in a queen bank because they didn't accept her, or a package queen that was DOA (usually because there was a virgin in the package...)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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