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I am hoping to catch a couple of swarms this season to expand my hives.

I have 10 deep drawn frames of a hive that died last summer because of mites. There were SHB, wax moth etc on the frames, which I froze for a week, and then stored in a plastic container. Unfortunately, the frames were still wet (had some honey in them, and slime from SHB) and been in a plastic container they seriously molded. I have aired them now, but there is still mold on them.

The question is this:

1. Can I dip them in some bleach water to kill the mold (if do how much
bleach/water for how long?)

2. Can I use these frames to put a swarm in, or will the bees abscond?

I have seen bees from a strong hive clean frames like that before, but will a new swarm clean them? Or will they decide to leave instead?

Thanks a lot,

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