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Can I trap out bees from the top of a broken tree?

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I got a call to look at a storm damaged tree with bees in it yesterday. A huge limb broke during the wind right at the top of the hollow and a couple of pieces of comb came down with the limb. I can see the bees going in the cavity about 40' up in the big oak, but I can't reach them to do a regular trap out. Even if I could climb that high, I wouldn't tackle the massive growth of poison ivy that goes all the way to the top and all around the trunk.

My question is this: could I set a hive body at the base of the tree and bait it with comb and LGO and expect that the bees might come to it? They are exposed to the elements now and I'm sure they can't survive the next winter. Will the rain that now falls directly into the cavity drive them out of the tree and to my bait box?
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