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Can I harevst some honey?

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm new to this hobby. I started with two packages in early April. The bees are doing great. Filled two deeps fairly quickly with brood. I added a medium super, which they have filled (and capped) with honey. They are now working on another medium super.

Here is the question (or questions):

Should I expect to be able to harvest any honey this year? Can I take the honey now and let them keep whatever they store from now until winter?

How much honey will they need for the winter?

I wasn't expecting any honey this year, but they seem to be doing real well and if they don't need it all, I might as well enjoy it.

Any advice?
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id third that, pull and extract now, you can alway feed back sugar in the late summer. enjoy that new honey while you can. i had 2 packages the first year that drew foundation, i split them and still took off 2 gallons of honey in the fall. however i did feed the heck out of them that fall but 3 of the 4 made it threw the winter. man did i enjoy that honey.
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