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Can I harevst some honey?

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm new to this hobby. I started with two packages in early April. The bees are doing great. Filled two deeps fairly quickly with brood. I added a medium super, which they have filled (and capped) with honey. They are now working on another medium super.

Here is the question (or questions):

Should I expect to be able to harvest any honey this year? Can I take the honey now and let them keep whatever they store from now until winter?

How much honey will they need for the winter?

I wasn't expecting any honey this year, but they seem to be doing real well and if they don't need it all, I might as well enjoy it.

Any advice?
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I subscribe to the Jim Fisher school of thought.

"Harvest now and harvest often."

Now it goes without saying - you are responsible to feed them if they run short in the fall so that they have enough to get through the winter, but it sounds like they've done well and you can take some of it.
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