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Can capped honey get too wet?

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I have capped honey in my office (air conditioned) and thought I'm in no hurry to sling but I've noticed that it looks dark under the caps and where I bumped the caps and knocked some off the honey has drained out. I am going to put a light bulb under the frames to "dry out" the frames before I sling , is this the right thing to do? Did the air conditioner put humidity in the air and it absorbed it somehow?, Thanks, Mike
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The nature of how air conditioning works would have made the humidity lower in the room. Air Conditioners are like giant Dehumidifiers.
1. the caps are not immune to absorbing humidity, and the honey will in time (how long depends on the conditions) absorb enough moisture to ferment/spoil.
2.this is more pronounced in "open" honey as the caps slow this process down.
3.a light bulb will warm the honey and thin it enough that the draining honey will make a mess. humidity levels will only come down in an enclosed environment (box), faster with a de-humidifier.
4.the air-conditioner removes humidity from the air. go outside and look at the condensate drain on it, or leave your car running in place with the AC on and look at the puddle underneath.
good luck,mike
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