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Buy queens?

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So today was a day an inspection needed to be done. Did a little manipulation, added some boxes, etc.

Previously, 2 weeks ago, I had queen cells since the hives were queenless except a nuc. I expected to see them emerged and maybe even laying by now? I can only say for sure that my nuc is the only layer. The other 3 are not laying. I fear that I keep waiting for them to start laying I will start losing my population. I don't have much of a choice as I can only do another inspection until next weekend. I hope to see something by then.

I really screwed the pooch today too. I use a frame clamp to pick my hive frames. I was in one of the non-laying hives and new the queen was there from last weeks inspection. Found the frame with the queen, she was not laying yet and was much smaller than a fertilized queen. She was darting around on the frame, I flipped it and I guess my grasp on the clamp tool was not strong enough! Down goes the frame on its face right back onto the other frames in the hive! I dunno where the queen went in this incident. I'm hoping she got knocked off the frame uninjured back into the hive only to find another frame to walk on. I could not find her after doing this and the hive got real buzzy.

I left the lid off for 5 minutes and the bees were doing a little bit of the fanning ordeal. Put the lid on and it seemed that they quited down after. I reeeeeally hope I did not kill my queen! UGH!

I'm in a full bee suit, with gloves. Gloves are definitely cumbersome as the tips are loose. So I use a frame clamp. Why? Because I'm pretty sure I have allergies. I've got an epipen, but don't want to give myself any reason to use it!

I've gotta rethink this. After that ordeal, I question whether or not to use the clamp again. Seems I don't have much of a choice?

Anyways, I have to wait till next weekend before I can do anything. Not sure what to do. Play the waiting game again or get some queens? The closest place locally I can get any queens is 45 min. drive to another city. I was thinking about getting 3 queens and bank them if I need to. I know I just need to atleast get some layers again so I can atleast get them ready for winter!
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If you had queen cells two weeks ago then it's not quite time to see eggs.

I would certainly give them another week or two.
I agree with Wolfer, I had a nuc hive re-queen recently and I checked in on them at 2 1/2 weeks to find a very small palm sized patch of larvae. Give your new queen some time :).
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