The other hive I built is a really long Langstroth style box the length of four deep Langstroth boxes with legs. There are frame rest rabbets running the length of it and a groove for a bottom board running down the sides. It is made from a 1 x 12 that is full width with the bottom board sliding in at 10-3/8" down from the top. I have a follower board (a 1 by cut to the shape of a frame without the bee space around it so it's tight) so you can start with a few frames or top bars and add more as you go. The front is cut 9-5/8" to leave the entrance at the front. I run the bottom board out a couple of extra inches for a landing board. The disadvantage to this hive is you have to rob it a frame at a time and cannot manipulate it a box at a time. The advantages are a lot less materials needed to build it and you won't hurt your back handling boxes because there aren't any you can handle.