A picture of the hive with all of the elements put together. Note the ventilated lids and standard migratory covers mixed. There is a double brood chamber on the front with queen excluders under it (optional). There are full size deep Langstroth boxes, medium boxes, and four frame half Langstroth boxes with a medium box stacked on top of it. The double box is the brood chamber and you can add supers behind or on top of any place you like. Next time I will build the table 8 feet long (this one is 6' 6") That way I'll have more room on the back for juggling equipment. When I'm robbing the hive, I put the supers I'm robbing on top of an escape board on the back of the hive. It's not necessary to have it connected to the rest of the hive, just necessary to have some way for the bees to get out. I often move the back "entrance" block to the back of the rest of the hive and put a couple of supers on an escape board with the front and back open so they can get out.