Pictures of the double brood chamber. It is the size of two Langstroth deep boxes put side by side. It holds 22 frames or less top bars because my top bars are just ripped from two bys. The top bar is turned sideways on one of these so you can see the starter strip. The strip is waxed into a cut down the middle. The cut is no longer than standard foundation is wide. You don't want the wax to go to the end of the bars or the bees will connect it. You can cut the bars down to 1 3/8" if you like and they will build the combs more consistent width, but at 1-1/2" they will fill them out a bit more and I don't have to cut them again. (I am lazy) There is a picture here of a frame with starter strip. I like the starter strips for these reasons: They are cheap. They are "cleaner" than foundation because most of the comb is built by my bees and not from wax from hives that have been chemically treated. Most of all I like to be able to see the cluster on the combs as the hive is being established. This box is standard width and depth for deep Langstroth frames.