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1. This web site had posts from 2003 re: clogged Burgess 1433 that helped solve my problems. Thanks.
2. Here is additional detailed information.
3. Remove carbon from coil, put hot water with orange blast type detergent in fluid container. Orange based (limenone) type detergents do a great job of "wetting" complex hydrocarbons like carbon in vaporizer tube.
4. Remove nozzle, insert up to 12 inches of stiff galvanized wire, 0.04 in diameter, into coil by grasping with pliers 1/2 inch from nozzle and gently moving wire back and forth, work 11 inches of the wire into the tube.
The wire is much stiffer than copper wire, less stiff than piano wire, and slightly less stiff than spring wire. Got it at a hardware store years ago, other details not available.
Periodically pump the water-detergent solution through the tube. Remove wire, pump detergent, repeat until the detergent flows freely in a stream the diameter of the tube.
5. Replacing pump washer. Parts are available, or make your own washer from leather 0.035 inches thick, 5/8 in OD, 1/4 inch ID or use 1/8 inch thick neoprene rubber. Hardware stores sell the punches.
6. Improve seating of washer by inserting a brass washer, 7/16 inch OD, 0.20 inch ID between the washer and the retainer clip. This keeps the leather washer centered and supports the edge of the leather washer for a good seal.

My unit is about 20 years old. With a bit of maintenance, working like day 1.

Dr. G.
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