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Bunch of Bees Scenting and Grooming on the Side of My Shed, what the...?

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The title of this post says it all. Some of my bees (on the island of Newfoundland) just got out for their first significant cleansing flights of the year, and while they were at it, a bunch of them (a few hundred maybe) landed on the side of my little bee shed/shack, milling about, just bumping into each other, grooming each other, exchanging fluids between each other --- the normal getting-to-know-you routine.

But I've never seen this kind of behaviour far beyond the hive entrances. Maybe around open feeders, that type of thing, but there's nothing on the side of my shed that should trigger that kind of behaviour. I don't think it's anything to worry about, but I'm just curious...

Has anyone seen this kind of behaviour before? Any explanation for it?

The shed the bees landed on is virtually right next to the hives, not far from the hives, but still, it's a new one for me. (I've kept a small number of hives, 2-10), since 2010.

These bees are nowhere near swarming conditions yet.
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