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bumble bees

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Wow, since I signed on and read the dozens of inputs (After I sent my first reply to this forum ever.) I now realize the beekeeper jungle that this is on beesource.

On a different note:

What has been anyone's experiences out there concerning demand for back yard bumble bees rearing and bumble bee hobby goers?
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I don't think most people really know anything about them. I live near a university and got to hear a bee specialist talk about the 20,000 different bee species out there other than honeybees. I made me very interested in trying to encourage bumble bees on my property. I have also been thinking about trying to add mason bees to my greenhouse. They're all amazing. Bee t.v.
I haven't seen hardly any bumble bees out here in the southern panhandle of Texas. I'm sure they must be out here, just haven't seen many. Over towards the Dallas area, bumble bees used to just pour over my purple hyacinth vines I planted. Bumble bees love'em.
They are also a very troubled species. Most pesticides don't distinguish between the good bugs and the bad ones.
Lots of bumblebees here in north central Massachusetts, at least in my neighborhood. Last fall they made a nuisance of themselves, trying to rob from my girls!
I know that there is a market for bubble bee colonies to working greenhouse vegtable production. The ones I have seen seem to be of a smaller size but they are in high demand for pollination. BioBest is one of the suppliers.
My daughter is going to start keeping bumble bees. She just ordered the book "befriending bumble bees" and once she's read that she'll begin her adventure. We have tons of bumble bees in our yard every year, they prefer the roses. They come mostly between the hours of 5 and 8 am. Around these parts the bumble bees is getting a lot of attention and more people are showing an interest in keeping them.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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