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I have five 275 gallon totes of Sucrose syrup available. 100% sugar cane derived. The pH is 5.3. The syrup is light, young, and not cloudy.
This is what we use to feed our bees as well and the bees winter and build up well on it. This product can be diluted to make one to 1:1 or be fed straight as thick syrup that is nearly as thick as honey to add weight quickly prior or even during winter in some southern locations. Sucrose makes prime pollen patties that don't dry out and hold their shape.

The Price is 26 cents a pound. Drums or buckets can be filled but the price will be slightly higher. We have a minimum order of 55 gallons.
If you buy multiple totes there will be a discount.

Pickup is in Middle Tennessee at multiple locations. Delivery possible to some locations.

Further questions can be answered by me at [email protected]

Kamon Reynolds
Gainesboro Tennessee
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