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My entrance pvc pipe is 1 1/4 inches id and 24 inches long.. It is plenty big enough. The hive sets in my enclosed porch and I remove the bees at least twice a year - to a 10 frame hive body in my back yard. Then I return one frame of brood and let them make their own queen.

Since I did not want to put a hole in the side of my house, I raised the window, removed the screen, cut and placed a 2 x 4 in the bottom of the window and lowerd the sliding glass window on to it. The 2x4 has a hole in it just large enough for the pvc pipe to fit though.

I beleive you will run into problems just pouring honey into the bottom of your hive. You will need some venalation coming up through the bottom and out the top. Make a mount for a pint jar w/ small holes in the lid. I put a # 8 screen under mine- that way I can remove the jar to refill about once a month but the bees can not get out.

The ob hiveworks great. I have leaarned more about bees with it than all the other bees that I have. Also everyone in the neighborhood has been over here to see it.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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