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Brushy Mt., Dadant, Betterbee jackets...anyone have two or more of these?

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I think I have it narrowed down. I have a bad habit sometimes of over researching and over thinking purchases...but I hate wasting my money. So I am looking at jacket/veil combos from Brushy Mountain, Dadant, and Betterbee. Has anyone owned or used two or all three company's jackets to be able to compare? Even if just one...your thoughts? Dadant and Betterbee prices are very close. Brushy Mountain ends up being a bit more (by about $30) but if it is the better one I don't mind paying for quality. Here are links to what I am looking at from each company....


Using this veil/hat



Also I am open to suggestions. The Dadant and Betterbee are $60 and $50 respectively and the BM comes to $83 so if there is better stuff at the same price points I am all ears. Thanks for any help I can get...I am very excited to finally be at the point I can start ordering some gear.
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I decided to purchase a hoodie jacket with XXL gloves for only $45 on ebay...I was checking prices for several weeks, i had a big list of things i needed to purchase and i looked at the total and thats when i wanted to see how much i could save but at the same time i still wanted the same quality. When i received the pull over jacket and gloves i was very pleased. The gloves were long sleeve which was 21 inches long and vented. I couldnt of asked for anything better but everyone has there own taste in style and the hoodie jacket fit me perfect.

And if your interested here is a link to bid on a Sheriff Style hoodie jacket W/Long Sleeve Gloves:
I have a Hat/Veil Jacket from BM which I like, however it was over $100. My wife has a Hooded Jacket from Dadant at about half the price, and it is well made. I think you get more for your money from Dadant. However i would ask the cost of shipping before ordering. My last order the shipping was almost twice what I thought it should have been using their chart.
I have the one from Dadant,

very well made
good zippers
big pockets

very hot
hard for me to see eggs through the screen
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I have the dadant model#v01200 cotton/poly zipper veil hooded jacket. Very good quality 48.95 from dadant
For what's it's worth I just use a square tie down veil with a large brim cotton hat I already own. Sometimes just a ball cap if I'm not doing a full inspection.
Then I wear a light colored long sleeve shirt over my regular shirt. I have not been stung and if a bee gets inside the veil they are more concerned with getting out.... If you have the extra cash then get what you want but if you don't the $14 veil works good.
I have the Brushy Mountain. One thing about all these cotton jackets they are bloody hot in the summer. They dont breath at all. The jacket is well made and I am happy with it. The black mesh screen is difficult to see though. Very difficult to see eggs.
Thanks everyone for the input.

Shipping are all nearly the same so that isn't an issue.

mblue...I was originally only going to get a hat and veil and I think for my hives that would be enough protection. the two things that has me thinking about getting the jacket is one...I want to visit other keeper's yards in the area and I guess you can never be too sure of the temperament of other people's bees and the other reason there are two commercial keepers in the area, one with around 350 hives and the other 1000+. I would like to see if I can possibly volunteer to help out some at these yards in exchange for learning the ropes and possibly at some point maybe getting paid to help out and I figure being in yards that big I may need more protection then a veil and hat alone can provide.
I have been working with a veil and hat too. I put on the gloves when I start getting into the brood box. I have been stung on the hands and do not like to rush when working in the brood area. Once I got stung three times and it was difficult getting everything back together. So I use the gloves.
I have two of the hood/jacket combo from BM and have been happy with them. I think they call it the "Inspector Jacket."

I have no had problems seeing eggs etc. through the screen - but I have had some issue with the hat not wanting to stay on my head properly. I don't think it would take much to fix that problem I just haven't been bothered by it enough to do anything yet.

Heat in Maine is entirely different from heat in Texas. When we get into the 90s here I sometimes go shirtless under the jacket.
We have two inspector jackets from Betterbee that we bought in '08. As of today one has a broken metal ring around the veil and a few broken elastic straps around the cuffs. The other has about three broken elastic straps - one in each cuff and one on the bottom of the jacket. The veil is still intact even though the cotton has torn under it - no way for bees to get in though.

We are waiting on Brushy to ship two new inspector jackets with hood veils. Will be taking much better care of these.

Not sure if it was our fault for not taking care of them or if they are cheaply made. We hung them in our basement (unfinished but dry) in the winter and keep them outside hanging open in the summer.

I noticed Brushy's jackets have a cool BM patch. How cool is that? :D
For what it is worth..........
I purchased my pullover from BetterBee and it works just fine! It is the one with the round hat and veil that is attached to the pullover. The only thing that I wish it had would be a zippered front. Other than that, it does the job! I keep mine hanging inside of my utility building. I just rinse it off occasionally with a hose and hang out to dry! Hope this helps ! :rolleyes:

I'm with Bee on this one. Bought mine from Mannlake, heck, wife even washed it the other day(ok she made me wash it) Hung it up to dry and it looks brand new. I have been stung through it on the shoulder before, but it was humid as al get out and my jacket was stuck to me and i didn't have a shirt on underneath.
I have the zippered jacket with the round helmet/veil from Betterbee that you link to. (At least I think I do, the pictuire on the website won't display.) I'm very happy with it, though like most jackets, warm even in our Maine summers.

Most trips to the bees now I wear a Bug Baffler. On and off in seconds and air flows through every square inch excepts the cuffs and waistband. I bought it mainly to work in the garden when blackflies are out but it is more comfortable for working bees than the heavier jacket. If I know I'm going to have to seriously annoy some hives though, I wear the Betterbee jacket.

Just to update...I ordered the Inspector jacket from Brushy Mountain along the round zipped veil and the Pro Hat which I just found out is on back order until end of August. I did not get the Clear-Vue veil this time but perhaps next year I will upgrade to that veil. I needed to save a few dollars so I can get some frames ordered. Thanks everyone for your input. Now I just need to find a hat to fit my big head.
I too have yet to purchase a jacket. I just use the veil and a pith (it is very cool). I usually wear a white long sleeve nylon shirt (one of those champion brand work out shirts). I have yet to get stung through it but I have been stung through the kid gloves- go figure.

I think that using scentless soap helps to keep from being stung... what do you think?
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