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brushes for remove bee

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You do not have to drag machine for remove bee with them, or remove the blowers while,for upset frame. This is two brushes to 2 cm apart so that the angle of attacking bees and chasing away the frame is not too sharp (80 90 degrees) PROCEDURE: Remove ram, and shook the bees pass through the brushes in the picture and then remove frame purr, because the frame with all 6 pages pass brushes in one move and not stay even one bee and if it happens, and pass it again no way to guarantee that remain on the frame or a bee, and all remain get rid above an the hive and not blow ap or packed in the pupil of machine for remove bee.Bees are not cope and all the frames you have is an place,not was upset as with other devices.
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Thank you
Much better understanding now with pictures.
I thought maybe you were talking something like this but it was not clear.
I see this will do the job very nicely...very good function.

I think for a person with a bee business of many hives, taking out every frame of comb to remove bees will take to long and cost too much money to pay the time of the worker instead of using a blowing machine that does whole box at a time. What do you think?

I think a person with only a small number of hives will have less trouble simply shaking bees off of frame or using an escape board or chemical, yes?

Escape board:

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Very good thinking, but ..,
It is for beekeepers with a small number of hives.
But this is just one of the roles of double brushes.
The formation of swarms for sale.
Working with frames inside the truck used by beekeepers with particular types of hives AZ.
It is well proved by breeding queen balm.
Of moving frames with kids to prevent Varroa d.
last two ways of using the huge number of hives.
BeeEscape, ok.
How heavy extensions and how many are there?
How many escape, wood and space for all this.
This type of bee escape. you have shown has been overcome.
To do that I set up the theme of a new way of Bee Escape, soon.
Although I wanted to preserve it for my job at the factory equipment for beekeeping.
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