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BROODSAFE Phages Against Paenibacillus Larvae

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This came in the email this morning. Sorry if this has already been discussed. I did a search and only 1 post came up with 1 reply.

Has anyone done any further use or testing of this product and if so, what were your results? This appears to be more of a preventative product so I suspect there may not be any discernible results.

There does seem to be a good bit of research in this area particularly as a better alternative to antibiotics.

On the other hand, there does not seem to be much if any information out there from beekeepers, commercial or otherwise as to the effectiveness, pros & cons, etc. of its use. Probably because this is apparently a pretty new product.

Again, any thoughts, comments, opinions, or anecdotes from beekeepers on its use?
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I suspect the interest in this product just shot off the scale with the article quoting Kent Williams recommending Broodsafe as an alternative to burning your hives. I ordered 500 doses to keep in cold storage in the (God forbid) event of an AFB outbreak in my area. It CAN happen. This product can be fed prophylacticly as a preventative measure as well. Beekeepers need to know that AFB is just about everywhere. How and when it rears its ugly head is somewhat unknown but poor apiary house keeping can set the stage for it to happen.

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I have been using it. Kent was at our local club and asked to discuss afb. This was after there was afb infected colonies found in our county and adjoining county. He had some of the broodsafe with him and explained the label and cost. I decided it might be cheap insurance if it did work. I will finish applying my third dose to all of my colonies tomorrow.

I have known Kent for several years and figured I would pay attention for one time. He lives about 20 miles or so from me. We talked about it when I saw him at HAS. We both said it wouldn’t be the first time we had spent money on an unknown. Example in my case of buying bird dogs.

At HAS I asked some of the speakers about it and most did not know anything about it. One had heard that the company was working on one for EFB, which would be great if it comes through.

Since I had one apiary within 2 1/2 miles of one of the infected apiaries i decided it was worth the gamble of spending the money on an unknown. It is one of those things that I will not really know if it worked or not, unless at some point the AFB shows up in my colonies.

The website doesn’t give much info and not much other than some of the professional papers I looked at related to the research on phages.
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