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I agree with Ray. Relax because it will probably be OK.

If you're really worried and you can't find any eggs, swap one of the empty brood frames (bees and all) from your worrisome hive with your other hive for a frame with eggs on it. If your worrisome hive is truly queen-less, they will make you some new queen cells. If your worrisome hive is queen-rite, you'll just be adding young bees (as they hatch) to care for the brood the new queen is or will be laying. This is why it pays to start out with at least 2 hives. Good job.

I feed (sugar syrup and pollen patties) my nucs and splits for as long as it takes to get a double deep about 70% full of bees. Then, I quit feeding when I put honey supers on. Keeps the girls from chewing up my frames of foundation and seems to build them up faster for overwintering.

Don't let the nay sayers get you down....they just forget all the mistakes they made when they started out. It's all part of the educational experience. Reminds me of some folks I was showing the hive to. Their 5 year old daughter asked, "so why do you have boxes of mean bugs?" There have been times I've asked myself the same question!!!
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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