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Brood pattern question...

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Was wondering why they are not storing honey and pollen near the top of the frame in the typical half circle rainbow pattern...honey, pollen, brood?

Is this looking ok?
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Sometimes they will make solid frames of brood if you have multiple boxes. The brood will completely fill medium frames in the middle box of three, with pollen and honey in the normal configuration in the top one.

However, if there is no pollen anywhere in the hive, time to feed some protein!

I am unable to upload the photo I wanted to show
Beesource only allows 800x600 images to be uploaded. I have to use a picture resizing service (free) to get pictures down that small.

Here is one I use - just set the dimension to 800x600 and it will do the rest. You can do multiple pictures at the same time.
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Well that worked, thanks. Anyway, notice the top of the frame with no comb? Thoughts?
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Plastic foundation that was possibly not waxed well in spots..... it happens sometimes
My one queen lays eggs like this, full frames. But there is plenty of Honey and pollen.
Your bees are obviously illiterate and have not read the books. I suggest you get them in a remedial reading class pronto...
I think you should take your hive tool and scrape the entire frame. Maybe next time they'll draw it out to your liking.

...just joking. Beautiful frame! Stop worrying.
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