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Brood or honey identification

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Hi Everyone

I’ve done what old timer suggested in the Beginners Mistake thread by removing the supers and the comb and putting one super back. It was a bit of a nightmare. Bees everywhere which despite heavy smoking didn’t want to leave the frames so I had to bang them off. I couldn’t see the Queen so I’m hoping she was in the brood box. I was hoping all the frames were just honey but I guess not. Can anyone identify from these photos please?
Beehive Honeycomb Pattern Natural material Terrestrial animal

Green Circle Art Natural material Soil

Beehive Natural material Wood Honeycomb Pattern
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Eggs last for 3 days. I usually check back in 5 days to look for eggs when queen presence is in question.
Photo 1
Capped drone brood.

Photo 2
Drone comb and pupae

Photo 3
Honey and capped worker brood
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