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It's been quite a while since I lived through a Finger Lakes autumn, but based on what you've said I'd do the following:

Newspaper combine #1 and #2, pinching all queen cells.

Use the extra frames resulting from the combine to open up the brood nests in #3 & #4. If there is still not enough room for the queen to lay I'd extract several frames from each hive, saving the honey to feed back later in the fall.

Any swarm that issues now will certainly not survive the winter.

So much of what you ought to do is based on how strong you anticipate the fall flow will be. Here in Maine we are into the dearth, the Golden Rod didn't amount to much as we are in desperate need of rain.

Hives I was in to day are pretty light - some are probably too light to make it through the dearth without assistance. And these are hives that were back filling not too long ago.

What race of bees do you have?
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