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Brood in between boxes

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First inspection of hives this spring. When I opened one hive and pulled off the top box, i could see what looks like mounds of larvae on the tops of the frames in the box below. Should i just leave that where it is?
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No you should not let them build between boxes if possible. When you go to lift a frame out of the top box and it is glued down with comb and brood to the bottom box... that's a real pain. Check the distance between the bottom of the frames in the top box to the top of the frames in the bottom box. There should only be about 3/8 of an inch (bee space). If there is too much space, they will build comb there. So then raise the bottom frames by shimming the frame rests up a little.
Most likely it was drone brood. Scrape it worries.
I add a drone comb to the broodnest. By giving them a drone comb to use, I find they won't build between the boxes so much.
I found the exact same thing (brood between the boxs) in my hive yesterday. When I pulled the center frames from the top brood box, there was lots and lots of open brood. Some of the larva where really big, like 3/4" long. Are the "big" larva drones? (Some were so big I actually though they may be new queens hatching).
Yes, the larvae was very big. I will scrape it off and check the distance between the boxes and add some drone comb. I was a little freaked when i saw it! thanks for the input everyone!
make sure the queen has plenty of laying room-when she gets desperate they build comb for her everywhere, then swarm. good luck,mike
Many boxes come 9 5/8" tall, which can add up to a big beespace, which then gets filled with drone cells. You will find that over the years the wood shrinks and the bee space gets less. I have decades old boxes which I sawed down to 9 1/2" early on, and they are now too short. Fighting brace and burr comb is a useless task, just get used to it.
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